L O A D I N G . . .

Festival of Trees

2021 Display & Raffles

November 19 - December 10, 2021

This year, you can see all the beautiful trees and even submit raffle tickets without entering the library!

  1. View this year’s Festival of Trees and wreaths below.
  2. Print this order form and fill out as many tickets below as you are purchasing- $1 each or 6 for $5.  Cash or checks made payable to “Friends of Onondaga Free Library” will be accepted.  Tree/Wreath numbers are listed online.
  3. Return completed raffle tickets and payment to OFL during open hours or mail to the library (4840 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215 - must be postmarked by Dec. 6th to ensure that the library receives prior to raffle drawing on Dec. 11th).

If you have any questions, please email the Friends at oflfriends@gmail.com and GOOD LUCK!

1. Smokey Mountain Christmas

Decorated by SECNY Federal Credit Union

01 smokeymountainchristmas

2. Go SU!

Includes Syracuse Orange Picture
Decorated by Tiffany Hotaling with help from Anne Andrianos

02 gosu2021

3. Berry Rich

Includes Scratch-Offs
Decorated by Town of Onondaga Senior Center

03 berryrich2021

4. Oh, Christmas Tree!

Decorated by a Friend

04 ohchristmastree2021

5. Out of This World

Includes Gift Cards to Walmart & Target and a Trouble Game
Decorated by Delilah & Grayson

05 outofthisworld2021

6. "Irish" You a Merry Christmas

Includes $10 Gift Card to Blarney Stone, Markers and Paint Pens
Decorated by Mary Beth Roach

06 irishyouamerrychristmas2021

7. Winter Wonderland

Includes $30 worth of Gift Cards to Target
Decorated by Michele & Jackie Antonacci
In Memory of Barbara Duck

07 winterwonderland2021

8. Swan Lake

Decorated by Creekwalk Consulting Group

08 swanklake2021

9. Gift Card Christmas

Includes $10 Gift Cards to Wegmans, Byrne Dairy & Dunkin Donuts
Decorated by Gail Thomas

09 giftcardchristmas2021

10. Starry Night in Bethlehem

Includes $25 Gift Card to Hobby Lobby
Decorated by Friends of OFL

10 starynightinbethlehem2022

12. Reindeer Games

Decorated by Tracy Feocco

12 reindeergames2021

13. The Meaning of Christmas

Decorated by Bishop Ludden

13 meaningofchristmas2021

14. Sweet Chances

Includes $10 worth of Scratch-Offs
Decorated by Friends of Maxwell Memorial Library

14 sweetchances2021

15. Edible Christmas

Includes $10 Gift Card to Tops
Decorated by Candy Cuties 4H

15 ediblechristmas2021

16. FaLaLaLa-Spa

Includes Body Spray, Lotion & Nail Polish
Decorated by Laura Sullivan

16 falalalaspa2021

17. Family Game Night

Decorated by Luci Feathers

17 FamilyGameNight resize

18. Have a Sweet Christmas

Decorated by Deb Carey

18 haveasweeychristmas2021

19. Merry Christmas Princess

Includes Disney Princess Magic Ink Coloring Book
Decorated by Amy Kremenek

19 merrychristmasprincess2021

20. Have a Dino-mite Christmas

Decorated by Joan Costello and Grandchildren, Annie & CC Ganley

20 dinomitechristmas2021

21. Lucky Santa

Includes $20 Gift Card to Target$55 worth of Scratch-Offs
Decorated by Hilltoppers Home Bureau

21 luckysanta2021

Thank you to all of our decorators this year!!