L O A D I N G . . .

Festival of Trees

NOW through December 14, 2023

Our favorite holiday fundraiser is here, and this year, there are 20 beautiful trees to raffle off!  Join us in celebrating the joy of the holidays!

Display & Raffle: Visit the library to see the beautiful display in person.  Purchase your raffle tickets at the front desk.
Raffle tickets: $1 each or 6 for $5. Take a chance at winning your favorites and support the library at the same time!
Raffle Drawings: Friday, December 15th

If you have any questions, please email the Friends at oflfriends@gmail.com and GOOD LUCK!

1. Silent Night

Decorated by SECNY Federal Credit Union

2. One More Chapter

Decorated by Tiffany Hotaling

3. It's Your Lucky X'mas

Includes $25 Gift Card to Wegmans &
$18 worth of scratch-offs
Decorated by Town of Onondaga Senior Center

 4. Elfin Magic

Includes $15 Gift Cards each to Dunkin Donuts, Longhorn Steakhouse & Wegmans and $10 Gift Card to Chick-fil-a
Decorated by L & G DePalo

5. The Most Magical Tree on Earth

Includes $10 Gift Card to Target, $15 Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts & Disney Puzzles
Decorated by Delilah & Grayson

6. Pre-Teen Girl

Includes $30 Gift Card to Bath & Body Works and a journal
Decorated by Tracy Feocco

7. Merry Christmas!

Decorated by Faith Formation
(St. Charles, St. Ann, St. Patrick & St. Brigid)

8. Candy Land Christmas

Includes two $10 Gift Cards to McDonalds
Decorated by Maureen Tackley

9. D&D Tree

Includes $10 Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts and Players Handbook 
Decorated by Home Learners Association of CNY (HLACNY)

10. Holiday Classics

Includes $50 Gift Card to Michaels
Decorated by Carmen & Donna Zeolla



11. Take a Chance

Includes scratch-offs
Decorated by Hilltoppers

12. Merry Christmas from the Lorax

Includes Lorax book
Decorated by Minerva Miller

13. Peace Be With You

Decorated by Bishop Ludden

14. Wildcat Winnings

Includes $20 worth of Scratch-Offs
Decorated by Friends of Maxwell Memorial Library

15. Dreaming of a Barbie Christmas

Includes Santa Barbie
Decorated by Octavia Miller

16. Bee-lieve, Bee Merry, Bee Kind

Includes $20 Gift Card to Bee Kind Syracuse
Decorated by Mary Beth Roach

17. Red-y for the Holidays

Includes $25 Gift Card to Target
Decorated by Joan Ferrara Costello

18. Nail Fun

Decorated by Tracy Feocco

19. A Very Golden Christmas!

Decorated by Jennifer Riker

20. Scandinavian Christmas

Decorated by a Friend




Thank you to all of our decorators this year!