A Smart View Station is located in the Senior Living area. smartviewstation.jpgThis simple table-top technology magnifies and enlarges text, objects and actions to help low vision eye conditions.  See it all!

The PC in the Senior Living area is enabled with the following:

  • JAWS - A screen reading software mainly utilized by the blind community. This software will audibly relay everything that is happening on the computer screen. This allows an unsighted user to completely navigate Microsoft Windows and many programs.  Earbud headphones are available.
  • ZoomText - A screen magnification software mainly utilized by people who have low-vision. This allows the user to make everything on the screen larger, including program menus. There are also options to change the color and contrast of the screen, as well as adding focus areas for ease of use.

More adaptive resources, including braille books, are available through the Onondaga County Public Libraries (OCPL).