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Storytime to Go Kits


OFL's children's services librarians have put together great themed storytime kits for parents, grandparents, caregivers and daycare providers to checkout!  Each themed bag has great read-aloud books, suggestions for ways to read, write, talk, play and sing with young child(ren), and an activity to extend the storytime fun.

*Newest listed first.

  • Dinosaurs
    These stories and activities help children explore the world of dinosaurs through sensory play, yoga, fun stories and facts! Introducing non-fiction books to children helps them develop critical thinking and analytic skills, expands vocabulary and helps build self-confidence. Practicing yoga with children can help teach them necessary social-emotional skills to help them identify emotions and create techniques for calming down and practicing motor movement skills.
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  • Construction
    These stories and activities help children build vocabulary as they explore their passion for all things construction! Construction play helps children explore and build their counting, measuring, engineering, fine motor, social, cooperative and problem solving skills. It helps them build their self-confidence in learning, showing, and doing!
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  • Bugs
    These stories and activities help children to build vocabulary, practice counting, practice body control through yoga, practice reciting the alphabet, and it encourages them to explore the natural world with bugs!
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  • Unicorns
    These stories and activities explore the magical world of unicorns and help children explore imagination, build vocabulary, build self-confidence and build self-confidence. Exploring imagination helps children develop their problem-solving skills. Helping your child/children to build vocabulary with things they’re most interested in will help them build confidence while practicing early literacy skills. Empathy is an important skill for social development. Building self-confidence is essential to help your child/children with social and emotional development.
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  • Interactive Books
    These stories and activities help children practice fine motor development, practice following directions, practice recognizing and showing emotions through facial expressions, and emphasizes how fun books can be!
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  • Going to the Potty
    These stories, songs, and activities help children learn about going to the bathroom in the toilet. Being potty-trained is often a requirement for preschools. These books will help your child identify that “funny” feeling of having to go, help them learn that accidents are okay and encourage them to participate in all the important steps it takes to become successful.
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  • Manners: Sharing
    These stories, songs, and activities help children learn about sharing, boundaries, friendship and language. Learning how to make decisions in sharing and how to ask friends to share helps your child(ren) to strengthen their social and emotional development. It also helps them understand cause and effect, especially with how their actions affect others. Exploring these stories, songs, and activities can help your child(ren) identify and name their feelings and what to do when they feel disappointed or upset.
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  • Manners: Please & Thank You
    These stories, songs, and activities help children learn and celebrate language. Learning how to say “Please” and “Thank you” helps your child to strengthen their social and emotional development and also helps them understand cause and effect with how their actions affect others. We are our children’s first teachers, so modeling the behavior is the best way to help them learn!
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  • Dance - 3 different kits available!
    The books and kit are to promote dance in our community. The majority of the books are geared toward children. Many of the books are body positive, gender and race inclusive. Everyone should learn about dance regardless of their age, body type, ability, gender, or race. Dance is for everyone!
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  • Jump for Joy
    These stories help children identify and understand the ups and downs of everyday emotions. Learning to express feelings through appropriate gestures, actions and language is an important part of your child’s social/emotional development. Sharing books about feelings make them easier to talk about their experience.
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  • Munch a Bunch
    These stories all focus on food, offering opportunities to talk to children about their food preferences, and choosing foods that are good for them. This kit contains a mix of informational text and fantasy. This combination helps children to understand that illustrations and photos carry meaning that often enhances the text.
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  • On the Move
    These stories promote self-awareness and awareness of others. As children begin to move into the world around them, they explore their relationship to people and objects and begin to see themselves and understand their place in that world.
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  • Snap, Crackle, Moo
    In this story session, children will play with and imitate sounds. The ability to notice and distinguish both environmental and speech sounds from one another is an important early literacy skill which contributes to your child’s social and emotional development. Children develop the ability to interact well with others by listening to what they say.
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  • Up, Down & Around
    These stories celebrate moving around – abilities for which children are proud. The stories and conversations in this kit reinforce the early literacy concept that we have words for the way in which we move, and show how we match our voiced words to the written ones.
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