L O A D I N G . . .

Board of Trustees

Chris McCarthy, President
Beth Crump, Vice President
Margaret Farrell, Treasurer
Vacant, Secretary
Tom Bradley
Liz LaRochelle
Rob Price
Laurie Smith
Non-Voting Members:
Susan Morgan, Director
Scott Lipkowitz, Assistant Director
Lisa Goodwin, Town of Onondaga Liaison

Board Meetings, Minutes, Annual Reports & Bylaws

January 24

February 28

March 27 - DRAFT (Annual Meeting) 

April (no meeting)

May 22

June (no meeting)

July 24

August (no meeting)

September 25

October 23

November (no meeting)

December 18

January 25 (CANCELED)

February 8

March 23 (Annual Meeting)

April (no meeting)

May 24 - DRAFT

June (no meeting)

July 26

August (no meeting)

September 27

October 25

November 29

December 20


January 26

February (no meeting)

March 23

April (no meeting)

May 25

June (no meeting)

July 27

August (no meeting)

September 28

October 26 (CANCELED)

November 16

December 14

January 27 (virtual)

February 24 (virtual)

March 24

April (no meeting)

May 26

June (no meeting)

July 28

August (no meeting)

September 22

October 27

November (no meeting)

December 22


January 22

February 26

March (virtual meeting held April 1)

April 22 (virtual)

May 27 (virtual)

June 24 (virtual)

July 22 (virtual)

August 26 (virtual)

September 23 (virtual)

October 28 (virtual)

November 18 (virtual)

December (virtual meeting held Dec. 16>

Contact the Board

Email the Board

The Board of Trustees can be reached directly via email at trustees@oflibrary.org. All correspondence will be reviewed and answered within seven (7) business days. The Board reserves the right to forward messages to the Director and/or other staff members if appropriate.

Attend a Board Meeting

The Onondaga Free Library Board of Trustees invites public comment on matters on the agenda to those who have signed up in advance with the Director of the Library or by emailing the Trustees at trustees@oflibrary.org.

Please limit your comments to 2 minutes or less. Written remarks may be provided to the Board of Trustees for dissemination to the Board if time expires before a speaker completes their remarks, or in lieu of speaking. The entire time period is set at 30 minutes to ensure the Board of Trustees can efficiently address the business on its agenda.

We request individuals to state their name prior to comments, provide the Library Secretary with their contact information for purposes of follow-up, and utilize the podium/microphone to address the Board. Although the Board will not respond directly to individual comments at this time so that it has time to look into matters and process them, items brought to the attention of the Board may be taken under consideration for a future response, action, or follow-up with the speaker.

Issues related to specific Library patrons or personnel, whether positive, negative, or neutral, must be brought to the attention of the Director privately in order to safeguard the privacy of those involved. The Board reserves the right to terminate a speaker’s comments if their comments are in excess of 2 minutes, are repetitive, or are not appropriate for discussion in an open public forum.

All visitors are reminded to abide by the Library Code of Conduct and to be respectful and courteous both as speakers and as audience members. We are a community focused on bettering public service for our community, some of whom may be present. Modeling appropriate behavior is required of visitors.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.